2017: Year in Review

This year was a busy one for our staff and supporters! Looking back, it’s difficult to believe how much happened, but we’re excited to head into 2018 with enthusiasm and purpose. Here’s a recap of what we accomplished in 2017.

Celebrated 14 years of Helping Women

Whole Woman’s Health was founded in February 2003, in Austin, Texas. We are looking forward to celebrating 15 years in 2018!

Re-opened our Austin, TX Clinic

In July 2014, Whole Woman’s Health of Austin was forced to close due to Texas’ Omnibus Abortion Bill (HB2).

Nearly ten months after the historic Supreme Court victory in Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt decision in June, Whole Woman’s Health Alliance of Austin opened its doors on April 28th. We continue to offer quality care at our original North Austin location on I-35.

Testified Against Neil Gorsuch

On Thursday, March 23, Amy Hagstrom Miller, CEO and Founder of Whole Woman’s Health and Lead Plaintiff in the historic Whole Woman’s Health v Hellerstedt Supreme Court case, testified before a Senate committee on why we must stop Judge Gorsuch. (You can read her full testimony here).

Joined Lady Parts Justice League for a Beautification Project & Comedy Show in Fort Worth, TX

In May, our staff members joined forces with those on “The Vagical Mystery Tour” – Co-Creator of “The Daily Show” Lizz Winstead (who is also the Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Lady Parts Justice League), Comedian and Actor Ian Harvie, and Comedienne Joyelle Johnson – for the “Don’t Mess With Access” comedy show, which benefitted Whole Woman’s Health and our advocacy organization, Shift.

The following day, Lady Parts Justice League volunteers, including Winstead, Harvie and Johnson, visited our Whole Woman’s Health Ft. Worth clinic location to plant shrubs outside and around the building. They also coordinated lunch for the entire clinic staff, that was provided by Deep Cuts Butcher Shop in Dallas.

Challenged Texas’ Senate Bill 8… and won!

In June, Governor Abbott signed Senate Bill 8, an ominous anti-abortion bill that would further restrict abortion access for Texans. In July, we joined other abortion providers in challenging SB8, particularly the portion of the bill that would criminalize the D&E procedure.

In November, we took Texas to court (again). After presenting our case, witnesses, and evidence, Judge Yeakel ruled in our favor.

Launched a NEW Website

In August, we relaunched our Whole Woman’s Health website that features a new look, branding, and better mobile capability. As we expand our presence into new communities, our web presence has become more and more important in our work.

Offered No-Cost Abortions to Those Affected by Hurricane Harvey

At the end of August, Texas was hit by Hurricane Harvey, leaving many without homes. Many of the abortion clinics were forced to close during and after the storm, despite their best efforts to help their patients. We know the need for abortion care doesn’t stop during a natural disaster, so we offered no-cost abortions to those patients affected by the hurricane.

With the help of Lilith Fund, our own Stigma Relief Fund, and other statewide funds and practical support networks like Fund Texas Choice, we were able to complete 85 abortions and 12 consultations at no costs to the patient during the month of September. We used $50,905 to cover costs, and raised approximately $25,000.

Our Stigma Relief Fund works year-round to help cover abortion costs for our patients in need; donate to Stigma Relief Fund today.

Opened New Clinics in Charlottesville, VA and South Bend, IN

In October, we excitedly opened the doors to our 8th and 9th locations in Charlottesville, Virginia and South Bend, IN. Both communities are classified as extremely hostile to abortion rights. In fact, 78% of Virginia women live in a county with no abortion clinic. Our clinic in Charlottesville continues our mission to offer quality care where it is needed the most.

Launched Whole Woman’s Health Alliance

In October, we launched our non-profit, Whole Woman’s Health Alliance (WWHA). WWHA is part of a nationwide initiative to combat abortion stigma. Our Austin, Charlottesville, and South Bend clinics operate under WWHA. End abortion stigma and donate to Whole Woman’s Health Alliance (link) today.

Joined Clergy Members to Bless our Clinic in Fort Worth, TX

In November, we hosted clergy members and activists into our Fort Worth clinic for a blessing. We sang, prayed, and members of our staff had their hands blessed for the work they do to touch women’s lives. It was a beautiful afternoon.

Painted a Beautiful Mural Outside of our Clinic in Fort Worth, TX

If you’ve been to our clinic in McAllen, Texas, you know our building features an empowering mural painted on the side. We wanted to bring that same feeling and community connectivity to our clinic in Fort Worth. Artist Angelina Villalobos designed and painted a vibrant, empowering mural along the fence for all of our staff and patients to enjoy. It’s gorgeous!

We Continue to Expand and Welcomed Many New Staff Members

2017 brought change behind-the-scenes at Whole Woman’s Health as well. As we continue to expand into new states and communities, the need for a bigger staff made itself clear, and we welcomed many new faces to our teams in our clinics, headquarters, and our EmpowerLine. It’s refreshing to work with so many people who share our passion to provide quality abortion care. We are looking forward to continuing our work in 2018!


Private Abortion Options

At Whole Woman’s Health, we know that confidentiality and time constraints are often concerns for many women when thinking about abortion. We respect that certain people need an even more private abortion, or wish to pay an additional fee for expedited care.


VIP abortion care at Whole Woman’s Health means having an abortion at our clinic in a completely individualized, confidential setting—the staff and physician are in the office that day exclusively to care for you, and no other patients will be in the office when you are there.  Your scheduled time with us is typically much shorter and completely focused on you.

VIP abortion care also includes a post-abortion care basket.  You will be served a light meal in the aftercare room before you leave.  You can also expect a personal follow up call several days later from the nurse.


If privacy is your major concern, a private abortion allows you and your support person to be escorted directly into your own room, where you can stay throughout your visit.  The staff and physician will come to your private room, and you will have your entire visit – from paperwork to counseling to the abortion itself – in a room of your own.

Private abortion care also includes healing herbal tea in your own Whole Woman’s Health mug and a personal follow up call several days later from the nurse.


Some patients do not need the privacy afforded by a private abortion option, but due to schedule constraints, their time in the office must be expedited.  We are able to accommodate these patients as well, by ensuring they are the first patient seen at each step of the process, including the abortion procedure.

Please note that these specialty visits are somewhat more expensive due to the extra staff time involved, and this extra cost is not covered by insurance companies. Feel free to contact us if you’d like to find out more or make arrangements.

For some women in very public positions, or in relationships where danger can be a variable, confidentiality can be related to their very job security of safety. Of course we understand confidentiality isn’t about shame or stigma; rather, for some it’s an issue that presents more barriers than time or finances. We get this and are here to help.

For more information or to find a clinic near you, please visit our website or call our EmpowerLine at 877.835.1090.

Today I celebrate the patients that I serve

By Bhavik Kumar, MD MPH, Texas Medical Director 

From my own practice of medicine and from peer-reviewed studies, we know that women of color, low-income women, and young women face the barriers to accessing abortion care with greater severity than others. Unfortunately, these groups of people also face other barriers in life such as poverty, poor access to prenatal care, and lower rates of health literacy. When placed in combination with restrictive abortion laws, the burdens carried by these groups of people can oppress them for generations.

The Texas legislature in 2017 passed Senate Bill 8 (SB8), a set of anti-abortion laws that would make it more unnecessarily difficult to access and provide abortion care. One of these provisions is central to an ongoing legal battle that was decided by a Federal court last week.  This is a law that would require physicians to begin experimenting with patients in order to meet the requirements of the law. The law would allow legislators to dictate how I practice medicine, potentially putting my patients in harm’s way.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time ideologically based laws have found their way into my provision of medical care. For decades, politicians have tried to chip away at a person’s right to access abortion care. They have been able to accomplish this through required waiting periods up to 72 hours in some places, burdensome reporting requirements for clinics, requiring physicians to read medically inaccurate information to patients before an abortion, and adding barriers to young women seeking abortion care. Ultimately, healthcare decisions should be made with the clinician, the patient, and any person they choose to include, not with politicians.

In my opinion, this is the ultimate purpose of any law that specifically targets, intentionally or otherwise, certain groups of people–  to continually increase barriers, so that access to safe, quality abortion care is out of reach.

With last week’s favorable decision from Judge Yeakel in Texas, I am able to continue providing care to patients based on my years of training and practice medicine based on science and research, not ideology. The court has confirmed that the state had no vested interest in the well-being of the people I take care of and that the proposed law would have only added to the burdens my patients already face in accessing abortion care in Texas.

I celebrate this just decision with the patients I take care of every day and with the staff at Whole Woman’s Health clinics across Texas in Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio, and McAllen. We see the faces that are affected by these laws, we hear their stories, and we often feel their burdens.

Today, there will be one less medically unnecessary burden in the way for people exercising their constitutional right to an abortion. But let’s not forget the already inherent challenges that exist that some are faced with that make it nearly impossible to access safe, quality abortion care.

Please consider supporting and donating to www.wholewomanshealthalliance.org so that we can ensure that those who visit our clinics can access the care that they deserve.        

Statement from Amy Hagstrom Miller, Founder and CEO of Whole Woman’s Health, on the SB8 case

Let’s be clear, this case is about an abortion ban– plain and simple. The state tried to make a case that the restrictions they put forward are no big deal for women and providers to comply with; but, the state misses the point completely. These restrictions have no medical basis nor added health benefit whatsoever. This is yet another attempt to politically interfere with our healthcare decisions and Texans deserve better.

Whole Woman’s Health, the Center for Reproductive Rights and Planned Parenthood put a strong case forward based in scientific evidence and medical facts, illustrating how this ban will keep our physicians from being able to provide the best medicine for the Texans they care for. The undue burden for Texans would be significant with no health benefit in return. And this is unacceptable and we are prepared to bring this challenge all the way to the Supreme Court, if necessary, to get the relief Texans deserve.

Whole Woman’s Health is serving as plaintiff against the state of Texas as it attempts to restrict abortion access for women. Local lawmakers can’t make abortion illegal, so they are creating bills like SB8 that make a safe, necessary procedure more difficult to obtain. Texas women deserve better. Keep politicians out of women’s health care by donating today to Whole Woman’s Health Alliance.

Why I Took Texas Back to Court.

In July, we filed our second post HB2 lawsuit, Whole Woman’s Health vs. Paxton, less than one year after our historic Whole Woman’s Health Supreme Court victory. Our landmark case confirmed what we’ve known all along – Texas can’t place restrictions on access to abortion that create an undue burden for the women seeking care. But even after such a powerful SCOTUS victory, in the 2017 Texas legislative session politicians introduced more than 45 bills that attempting to restrict women’s access to necessary abortion care.

As we take Texas back to court today, it is vital we all remain committed to resisting the political attacks against women and our healthcare. We must never get comfortable with this hostile landscape.

At Whole Woman’s Health, we are committed to providing quality care in communities across the country that need us – particularly those with targeted restrictions on abortion care, like Texas. Not only do we provide health care in our communities, but we are dedicated to changing the culture around abortion, eradicating stigma, and fighting to make sure women have access to quality abortion care.

With this lawsuit, we are fighting back against Senate Bill 8, which threatens access to abortion care and poses an undue burden on women seeking an abortion in the second trimester. This bill passed into law as one of many attempts by politicians to control our bodies and restrict our constitutional right to safe abortion care. Take note– these politicians are not doctors, nor do they have medical backgrounds.

We are experts in abortion care and as healthcare providers, we know these restrictions undermine our doctors’ ability to provide the individualized care that’s best for our patients. Doctors and medical professionals should be able to use our best medical judgment, instead of having to comply with unnecessary restrictions that are politically motivated and do not have women’s health and safety in mind.

This D&E ban is an abortion ban, plain and simple. It is an obvious attempt to eliminate abortion access for Texas women. Lawmakers can’t make abortion illegal, so they are creating bills that make a safe, necessary procedures more difficult to obtain.

Texans deserve better.

Access to safe abortion care is a human rights issue; reproductive freedom for women is about equality, self-determination and autonomy. We cannot let our opposition pretend that they have our best interests in mind. Women are the best experts in our own lives.

We refuse to let these political attacks whittle away at our healthcare options, or take away our constitutional rights. The women in our communities deserve true equality, and that is our ultimate goal. After all, justice is a constant push back against those who want to keep us down.

As Whole Woman’s Health heads to court this week, we stay strong knowing that we continue to stand on the right side of history and we invite you to stand with us.

Thank you.

Whole Woman’s Health is serving as plaintiff against the state of Texas as it attempts to restrict abortion access for women. Local lawmakers can’t make abortion illegal, so they are creating bills like SB8 that make a safe, necessary procedure more difficult to obtain. Texas women deserve better. Keep politicians out of women’s health care by donating today to Whole Woman’s Health Alliance.

More Than a Year After SCOTUS Victory: Whole Woman’s Health to Open Two New Clinics in Hostile States, Launch National Anti-Stigma Initiative

October 30, 2017 – (PRESS RELEASE) Today, Amy Hagstrom Miller, founder and owner of Whole Woman’s Health, announces her latest endeavor to open two new abortion clinics in South Bend, Indiana and Charlottesville, Virginia under a non-profit Whole Woman’s Health Alliance (WWHA). Hagstrom Miller operates independent abortion clinics in five states, including Texas where she won a major victory for women and families in the 2016 case, Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt, the most consequential abortion rights case to go to the Supreme Court in a generation.

Both Indiana and Virginia are classified as “extremely hostile” to abortion rights, having passed new laws in recent years to burden women seeking abortion and force clinics to close. In 2014, some 95 percent of Indiana counties had no clinics that provided abortion care and 66 percent of Indiana women lived in those counties. Indiana now has only six clinics open to serve women in the state, dropping from 10 in 2011.

In 2014, Virginia had only 18 abortion clinics, representing a 14 percent decline in clinics from 2011. Now Virginia has just 13 open clinics. In 2014, some 92 percent of Virginia counties had no clinics that provide abortion, and 78 percent of Virginia women lived in those counties.

As we witness ongoing attempts by the Trump administration to bully and block women who need abortion care, I’m proud to announce that we are expanding our healthcare work, to open two new nonprofit clinics. Whole Woman’s Health Charlottesville opened in October 2017, and we will open the clinic in South Bend as soon as we can. These two clinics play a key role in the Whole Woman’s Health Alliance launch of a nationwide initiative to combat abortion stigma,” said Amy Hagstrom Miller, founder and CEO of Whole Woman’s Health and Whole Woman’s Health Alliance. “Nearly a year after the election of the most anti-abortion administration in decades, Whole Woman’s Health Alliance is doubling down on what we do best: providing compassionate holistic care and proclaiming loudly and proudly that every day, good women have abortions. We will go where they need us the most.”

We are so excited to welcome Whole Woman’s Health into the Commonwealth, where they will continue to fearlessly care for women and families. And if I know anything about Amy Hagstrom Miller and her team – they won’t let intimidation from anti-choice legislators or political battles slow them down,” said Tarina Keene, Executive Director of NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia. “Whole Woman’s Health has been a bastion of hope for women seeking honest, compassionate, effective abortion care for years. They inspired us to introduce a whole new wave of proactive legislation here in Virginia after Amy took on the state of Texas and TRAP laws in the landmark Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt case, in which the Supreme Court ruled that medically-unnecessary regulations that impose an undue burden on a woman’s access to abortion are unconstitutional. Charlottesville women and families are lucky to have such a great team bringing reproductive health care to their city, and we’re thrilled to be one step closer to eliminating gaps in access to abortion in Virginia.”

At All-Options, we believe that everyone has the right to be supported in their decisions about pregnancy, parenting, abortion, and adoption. That includes having access to quality, safe abortion care without significant financial or geographic barriers,” said Shelly Dodson, Center Director of All-Options in Indiana. “We are thrilled that Whole Woman’s Health will be opening a clinic in South Bend, and look forward to having another provider to refer clients to in Indiana, reducing their need to travel out of state to find the abortion care they need.”

Virginians know that a woman seeking reproductive health care, including safe and legal abortion, deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. These are just the values Amy Hagstrom Miller and Whole Woman’s Health bring to their provision of health care and we couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome them to Charlottesville,” said Anna Scholl, Executive Director for Progress Virginia. Just a year after our hard-fought victory to roll back Virginia’s sham restrictions on abortion providers, it’s so gratifying to know that Virginia women now have an additional option for quality, compassionate, affordable reproductive health care access, and a fierce advocate for women’s dignity and autonomy to boot.”

  • Whole Woman’s Health is a feminist organization, led by women and committed to providing holistic care for women. We operate a group of women’s clinics providing comprehensive gynecology services, including abortion care. It is our philosophy that each woman must be at the center of her own healthcare decisions and that treating each woman holistically will better serve women and improve women’s health and happiness in our communities. WWH manages 8 clinic facilities, 4 located in Texas— Austin, Fort Worth, McAllen, San Antonio, one in Minneapolis, MN, one in Peoria, IL, one in Baltimore, MD, one in South Bend, IL and one in Charlottesville, VA

For more information go to:



Funding Assistance for Abortion

At Whole Woman’s Health, we understand the difficulty of raising a large fee in a short period of time for our patients without insurance or Medicaid coverage. Because we believe that everyone deserves access to safe, legal abortion care, regardless of their financial situation, we’ve come up with a number of ways to help those in financial need. Our dedicated phone staff will work with you to come up with a solution to your financial challenges.

Whole Woman’s Health helps our patients in a number of ways to ensure you receive the health care that you need:

  • We accept insurance and Medicaid for abortion services in all states where we are allowed to.
  • We employ a financial aid staff-member whose sole responsibility is to help you raise the money you need.
  • We offer Student, Military, Medicaid, and Travel discounts.
  • We have our own Whole Woman’s Health abortion fund, the Stigma Relief Fund (donations always welcomed!)
  • Whole Woman’s Health of Baltimore and the Whole Woman’s Health of the Twin Cities are currently able to see Medicaid recipients.

Whole Woman’s Health staff members are exceptional at helping women in need obtain funding and financial assistance. We are not set up to do payment plans, but we are dedicated funding advocates for women. Whether it’s by personally helping you brainstorm ways to raise money or working overtime ourselves to call funding agencies on your behalf, we will do all we can to help you through this time. We can also complete eligibility for some funding at the same time you call to make your appointment.

Call us now at 877.835.1090, and we can guide you through a short financial assistance screening over the phone. After a few questions, we’ll be able to determine your eligibility and reduce the cost of the procedure.

Looking for other information about abortion funding? Here are some additional resources:

National Network of Abortion Funds

The National Network of Abortion Funds builds power with members to remove financial and logistical barriers to abortion access by centering people who have abortions and organizing at the intersections of racial, economic, and reproductive justice.

TEA Fund

The Texas Equal Access Fund provides financial assistance to low-income people who want an abortion and can’t afford it.

Lillith Fund

The Lilith Fund assists Texans in exercising their fundamental right to abortion by removing barriers to access. Lilith provides direct financial assistance to empower people seeking to terminate an unwanted pregnancy, and education and outreach within the community about reproductive rights.

Stigma Relief Fund 

The Stigma Relief Fund is an abortion fund serving patients in each of the seven Whole Woman’s Health locations.  The fund provides financial support for those who cannot afford to pay the entire cost of an abortion.

Fund Texas Choice

Fund Texas Choice is a non-profit organization that pays for Texans’ travel to abortion clinics.

West Fund

The West Fund is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization affiliated with the National Network of Abortion Funds and based in El Paso, Texas, that works to make abortions accessible for all people. We are a small group of volunteers who believe reproductive justice is only possible when all people have the information, ability, and resources to make their own healthcare decisions. Through education, community building, and gap funding, we hope to empower west Texans, helping them achieve their decisions and access the healthcare they deserve.

Frontera Fund

Our Mission: To provide practical support to people seeking abortions in the Rio Grande Valley  and to Rio Grande Valley residents who travel to other clinics in Texas. La Frontera Fund advocates for reproductive justice by funding lodging costs for people seeking abortion services. La Frontera Fund opposes all restrictions to accessing a safe abortion and understands that lack of financial support is a barrier. La Frontera Fund was founded to help ease the severity of this financial barrier.