Female Fitness trend 2021

Female Fitness trend 2021

Fitness, health, and wellness have become the top priority of almost everyone, given the situation created by the pandemic. With incessant lockdowns and restrictions on movements, there is a growing awareness about people needing to stay fit and healthy. As the pandemic is not nearing its end anytime soon, our way of exercise has also changed in a paramount manner.

Here are some of the best female fitness trends that have been dominating 2021.

Home gyms and workout


While working out at home is not ideal for everyone, the pandemic has pushed us to restrict our workout at home. It is also not a new trend to work out at home. However, the pandemic leaves us with lesser choices other than home. Working out at home will dominate the fitness industry until the pandemic comes to an end.

Purchasing home equipment for a workout at home will be a familiar scene.  It will be a typical scene to see people going out for a run or brisk walking to stay fit. Having this little outdoor workout will keep your mental health in check.

Digital fitness


Digital invading almost every aspect of our lives, fitness has gone digital. Digital fitness is the newest trend of the pandemic, and it is expected to be a trend that will stay on. Virtual fitness will be the mode of training for gym club members who are stuck at home. Trainers and coaches have started to train online to find new ways of engaging in fitness and wellness. Users are given access to pre-recorded or recorded live session workout videos.

Live online personal one-to-one coaching is a growing trend. There is also plenty of workout routine put on YouTube by professional trainers that can keep you exercising.  It is expected that the virtual training industry will grow into a $30 billion business by 2026.

Pilates and Yoga


Yoga and Pilates are sought-after exercises of the pandemic. Indoor exercises like these have become quite a popular trend. Activities like yoga keep your mind and body in conscious connection. In particular, mediation has become essential due to growing mental health issues as a product of the pandemic.

The trend for eye yoga is also on the rise. Being stuck at home hooked on phones, laptops, and tv screens has put so much pressure on the eyes. Giving the eyes a much needed rest and exercise, eye yoga is the new trend.

Pilates has also become a major trend, just like yoga, as it strives in stroking the balance of our mind and body. Listening to our body’s needs and doing mindful exercises like Yoga and Pilates have become household regular.

Exercising alone


Going to gyms and workout places is flooded by people. Solo HIIT workouts have replaced this trend. Indeed the gym ambiance, motivation, and the personal coaching we sought have come to change. No longer can we do exercises together in public spaces. There will be a huge rise in fitness regimens been carried out alone: biking alone, running alone, or even walking alone.

Fitness tech wearables


The use of fitness wearable has become a popular trend. Huge amount of people are getting hooked to fitness tracking apps and gadgets. The use of these devices is expected to be 900 million people by 2022. Fitness wearables keep us updated on our health, sleep, heart rate and other aspects. It gives a proper direction and a check on our daily stats. Its efficiency is the key to it being a popular trend.

With the pandemic still around and technology reaching new heights, one can only expect that the digital fitness industry is here to stay. A personalized workout set up at home will become a massive part of the fitness sector.



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