We are Whole Woman’s Health, a group of abortion and reproductive health clinics that are changing the world one woman at a time. This blog is about the good things that happen at abortion clinics, especially ours.

This isn’t gross-out medical photos, accusations, dumpster-diving or a big biased report with the intention of shame. This is a different picture of abortion. For everything slanderous that’s said about abortion, the field, our clinics, our patients and our staff, we want this blog to show you what’s real, good, and true.

This is about what’s often forgotten in the abortion debate – the people, the patients and the good work that we do.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. This is a wonderful, courageous, and beautiful thing to do. (Incidentally, your writing is great!) I think that when people have a chance to connect as individuals their differences are less important, and by allowing the humanity of the staff and clients of WWH to shine through your stories you are enhancing the possibility for connection and empathy. Keep up the good work on all fronts!

  2. I’m sure your butchers did a good job murdering the unborn but thank god the Texas legislature put a stop to you pyschos.Abortion is a crime and America is finally waking up to the evil that is abortion

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