5 Reasons Having a Good Posture is Important for Your Health

5 Reasons Having a Good Posture is Important for Your Health


Posture is one of those words, that when someone mentions it, we draw ourselves up strong and tall and nod in agreement. However, for most of us posture is actually the last thing on our mind as we go about our daily lives. A common misconception is that posture refers to standing correctly, which of course it does, but not exclusively. It is also important that we sit and even lay down with good posture. The effects of poor posture are widespread and possibly more than you realise as our muscles are forced into unnatural positions, putting a strain on organs, internal structures and even our bones. Posture issues are made worse by extended slouching at desks and the relative lack of support given by sofa sofas and saggy mattresses. So just why is good posture important for your health?

You Will Breathe Better

Lung capacity is at an all-time low. Our lungs are capable of so much more than we give them credit for and generally our breathing is shallow which leads to a decrease in the amount of oxygen in the system meaning deep breaths become really hard. If you would like to improve your lung function by as much as 30% practice good posture.

Your Digestive and Circulatory Systems Work Better

So many vital body functions are negatively impacted by poor posture. Have you ever got the pins and needles feeling just from being slumped on the sofa? Well, you are making your circulatory system work harder and in some cases blocking the flow by squashing your body. If you suffer from constipation, indigestion and acid reflux, you might also want to consider how you sit to eat and relax to rest as poor posture can be a real cause here too

Your Back Might Stop Hurting

Backaches are big business, they are one of the highest ranking symptoms that people visit their doctor about, and they cost workplaces thousands in sick pay. Bad backs keep osteopaths, chiropractors and massage therapists in business but they really can be avoidable for some people. While there can obviously be a medical reason behind a bad back, poor posture is the cause of an alarming number of cases, so try practising better posture and see if your back pain improves. 

Your Muscle Health Improves

Poor posture plays havoc with muscle health, it places them under a massive amount of strain, and they suffer from a lack of proper engagement. Core muscles need to be held correctly to support the lower back and stomach, and yet more often than not they are left crumpled and fatigued from bad posture. 

You Will Look Better

When you demonstrate poor posture, you look older. Your shoulders round, you seem shorter, and your lower back can either over arch or sink forward to create lordosis. All of these make you look depressed, tired and well, not so good. As soon as you stand tall, hold your muscles well and keep yourself correctly aligned the years and the pounds just fall off. 


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