Hurricane Harvey: How We Can Help

Unfortunately, we know all too well that abortion can be difficult to access in some parts of the country, especially in Texas. There are already so many barriers to access this necessary procedure, and natural disasters stand in the way of women getting to their appointment and/or being able to afford care.

During Hurricane Harvey, many of the clinics in Houston had to close temporarily, leaving women with very few options. Continued political attacks on abortion access make an unwanted pregnancy particularly stressful in Texas – add that to the stress of dealing with hurricane aftermath.

We can only imagine what a stressful time this must be for those patients who had to miss their appointments or are waiting for the nearest clinic to open.

Immediately after Hurricane Harvey made landfall, many of our staff members volunteered to help their local communities. Whole Woman’s Health continues to support multiple efforts that will benefit those affected by this devastating storm.

But we can do more. Texas woman deserve it.

To ensure our patients get the compassionate, quality abortion care they deserve, we’re providing no-cost abortions for those affected by Hurricane Harvey.

In collaboration with abortion funds, including Lilith Fund and our own Stigma Relief Fund, we will be assuring our patients have the financial and logistical assistance they need to get to one of our Texas clinics (Austin, San Antonio, McAllen, or Fort Worth). This assistance includes travel and lodging, if necessary.

If you live in a community that’s been affected by Hurricane Harvey, call our EmpowerLine at 877.835.1090 to see how we can help.

The need for abortion care does not stop for natural disasters. Your contribution eliminates another barrier for a woman who needs care.

To help cover the cost of abortion care for someone affected by Hurricane Harvey, donate to Stigma Relief Fund today.

59 thoughts on “Hurricane Harvey: How We Can Help

  1. Is there a need for volunteers for transportation and overnight stay? If so, I might be able to help, depending on schedule and location. I don’t see any way to email you, so I thought I’d just leave this comment here.

  2. Thank you for being brave and standing up with and for women. It’s hard for some people to understand that women sometimes find themselves in very difficult situations. Who are we to judge? We don’t know their stories…..but I’m so grateful to you for being available to women who NEED your help, and are feeling trapped, possibly homeless now, without access, and in who knows what desperate situations. THANK YOU!

  3. Thank you for continuing to provide this legal, vital, and personal-decision service for women who seek them. We need more clinics like yours, and more of the compassion and understanding your clinic so clearly provides.

  4. Wow. Thats very generous. I hadnt even stopped to consider the women that might find themselves in this situation. On top of losing your home and belongings, now there’s an unwanted pregnancy. Or vice versa. That’s just so overwhelming. And my heart truly goes out to them. I hope better days come to all our flood victims. I hope they get the support they need, and I hope they know we’re here thinking of them and praying. My heart is heavy thinking of what theyre going through. I pray they find the strength to get them through these hard times. One thing I know about them, they are Texas tough.

  5. I think you guys are amazing!!! Thank you providing this to women in need. Plenty of people are ready to judge and have nasty things to say….but until you have walked a mile in their shoes you don’t know.

  6. Thanks to everyone making this possible. There’s so much that these storm & flood victims need and it is heartwarming to see how people pitch in he,p where they can.

  7. Regarding Judge Yeakel’s stay to gauge “undue burden,” wouldn’t forced pregnancy to birth be treating women like involuntary breeding livestock, a chattel in legal terms? These forced parenthood efforts violate separation of church and state, too. 1st Amendment: get your religion out of MY body. The risk of involuntary pregnancy also violates “servitude” banned in the 13th Amendment, and imposes duties, expenses and even life endangerment. And in our society, your birth date is when you were “born” not conceived. People must breathe.

    Personally, I like what the State of California and Kaiser Permanente do; practice health care, not judgment.

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