Amy Hagstrom Miller on Today’s FDA Mifepristone Announcement

Today’s FDA announcement of a label change to Mifepristone is a significant advancement for women in the United States.  All of us at Whole Woman’s Health are thrilled that the updated FDA labeling reflects evidence based care that is best for women. People who visit our clinics deserve options for abortion care without worrying about medically unnecessary obstacles and this change allows for more women to get the care they deserve.
We are particularly encouraged that this updated labeling could expand the availability of abortion in Texas, where  anti-choice politicians continue to interfere in women’s personal health decisions, enacting laws such as HB2 that deny women the ability to make their own decisions about whether and when to become a parent.
Prior to HB2, 40 to 50% of our patients at Whole Woman’s Health chose medication abortion. Since HB2 went into effect, that figure has decreased dramatically. For the past two years only about 5% of the women we serve in Texas have been able to get the medication abortion care they wanted because HB2s barriers were insurmountable. This label change will dramatically expand access for women not only in Texas, but throughout our clinics nationwide.
While we appreciate this step forward, we also acknowledge that there are still too many restrictions preventing women from quality care.  The reality is that low-income women, women of color and rural women bear the brunt of abortion care restrictions.  We will continue to fight for the day when all women have access to the compassionate and comprehensive reproductive health care that we provide at our clinics.
Whole Woman’s Health has a strong commitment to make Medication Abortion an option for all our patients and we look forward to implementing this new label change in our clinics in the coming days.
Amy Hagstrom Miller
President and CEO
Whole Woman’s Health

4 thoughts on “Amy Hagstrom Miller on Today’s FDA Mifepristone Announcement

  1. Eve are you always medicated when making vlogs? I certainly know you are not looking out for the unborn. Baby (since at 6 weeks you are heartbeat I have seen it buy its youre choice to are or not see) Wish you best hope you are not self harming or known as cutting and hope your husband stops stepping out of marriage…but one strange thing the chic your husband got pregnant DIDN’T HAVE ABORTION AND JUST GAVE BURTH TO A BABY….BUY YA.

  2. It’s all about the bottom line, not women’s health. Miller knows very well that low-income have ready access to abortion because abortions are subsidized via subsidies to abortion providers (lights, heat, personnel) so the arguments that abortion is not subsidized by government funds is false. The new protocols will allow abortifacients to be used later into the pregnancy and the woman will be sent home to have a more dangerous miscarriage.

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