What Really Matters to Patients on the Day of Their Abortion

The reasons for having an abortion are as many as the women who have them. As holistic medical providers, we pride ourselves in our ability to meet our patients where they are at. This means understanding what their concerns are so we can provide attentive, personalized care.

One of the best ways we do this is through regular patient evaluations – asking the women and people we serve what they’re most concerned about, how we did at meeting those concerns, and places for improvement. We do this in all of our clinics to ensure that every patient receives the personalized treatment they deserve.

The following is just a sample of things our patients think about as they prepare for their abortion and dig into the question of “What mattered most to you today?” 

  • Deciding between the two methods
  • Anxiety management
  • I was worried the staff wouldn’t be friendly – but they were very kind
  • Being comfortable
  • Getting in and out quickly
  • Being taken care of safely
  • Privacy
  • Service
  • Polite, courteous service
  • Side effects
  • Being treated fairly
  • Making everything clear and getting my needs met
  • Getting the procedure over with
  • Confidentiality
  • Getting it done
  • Feeling happy and comfortable
  • Privacy
  • Having everything run smoothly
  • Getting to the clinic on time
  • Feeling comfortable
  • I didn’t want to feel bad about what I was doing
  • How I was treated
  • Birth control
  • Time and privacy
  • Discretion and understanding
  • Answering all my questions
  • Not having to worry about an unwanted pregnancy any longer
  • The abortion
  • Being safe and well taken care of
  • Info on what to expect
  • Being comfortable
  • Info on the procedure, side effects, etc.
  • Feeling safe
  • Just support
  • Time
  • That my pain and fear of physical pain after the procedure would be taken seriously, and not ignored/blown off
  • Timeliness
  • That I’m not being judged for the decision that I am making
  • All that matters is for everything to go well
  • Not being judged
  • The procedure and safety
  • Privacy
  • People being kind
  • Understanding the procedure
  • Letting me know whatever I choose would be ok
  • Confidentiality
  • Not feeling rushed
  • Feeling safe
  • Having all my questions answered
  • Not being judged
  • Privacy
  • Privacy and safety
  • Comfort and friendliness
  • Getting the abortion
  • Feeling less ashamed of my decision
  • Getting information on contraception
  • Feeling comfortable and safe
  • Getting the procedure done safely
  • Information, support
  • Getting help and having someone to support me.
  • Compassion
  • Privacy and pain management
  • Emotional support, ease of process
  • Obtaining all the information I needed to make the best decision for myself
  • Feeling like I wasn’t alone
  • Having the confidence to walk into the clinic and going through with the abortion
  • Feeling like I was in a supportive environment..
  • That I felt comfortable. i was sooooo nervous….
  • Finding out how I would feel after
  • Confidential and compassionate care
  • That it got done
  • Making sure I could get the IV sedation, great my insurance pays for it
  • Feeling comfortable
  • Being able to talk to the counselor before the procedure
  • Kindness and being well taken care of
  • Detailed information about the method. Your staff explained everything I asked. Made me more comfortable in my decision.
  • Just by helping me…
  • Attitude, positivity
  • Confidentiality and supportive staff
  • Support
  • Feeling comfortable, relaxed, not having judgment
  • Getting through this experience
  • Feeling informed and comfortable
  • Feeling comfortable
  • Being well aware of everything and staying informed
  • Being informed of every step taken
  • Being comfortable in my decision
  • Kind service
  • The care I need is provided with respect
  • Knowing the information
  • Support
  • Speed of the process
  • Being in good hands
  • Being 100% comfortable and not being judged
  • Customer service
  • Getting the abortion
  • Clear communication
  • Non-judgement and professional staff
  • Going through with the surgery
  • Understanding, nonjudgmental people to help me in my decision
  • Feeling safe
  • Timing – I have to go to work at noon
  • Getting my questions answered
  • Support and understanding
  • Knowing my options and being flexible
  • That I was treated humane
  • That I felt comfortable
  • Feeling comfortable and safe and receiving effective care.
  • Getting the procedure done
  • Getting my questions answered
  • That the pregnancy is ended
  • Private and politeness
  • Making sure I was still able to get pregnant and how they treat you in their care
  • Good, happy people that care about you
  • Ending the pregnancy, feeling comfortable
  • Feeling comfortable
  • How people made me feel
  • Kind, informative staff
  • Being comfortable
  • Appearance of office space – clean and tidy
  • Friendly staff
  • My health
  • Getting all of my questions answered
  • Feeling at ease
  • Time in the office
  • My safety
  • Being treated with respect
  • Feeling supported
  • Not being made to feel like I was doing something bad
  • Timing
  • Feeling comfortable

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