33 Days Left: A Week of Ceremonies


Yesterday we had an event at our Fort Worth clinic that was hosted by our Founder and CEO Amy Hagstrom Miller and by the Center for Reproductive Rights. The event was called #UniteTonight which is in conjunction with Draw the Line, a national movement to pressure the federal government into protecting people from assault on their reproductive healthcare. Everyone mingled inside of Whole Woman’s Health of Fort Worth and enjoyed drinks, food, and a live viewing of the national broadcast from other locations across the country. 

While some of the WWH staff were drawing the line in Fort Worth, others were at the Lilith Fund for Reproductive Equity Awards, a fun, formal ceremony that honored pro-choice advocates that provided some of the largest impact during the special sessions in Texas this summer. The recipients of the awards were Representative Mary Gonzalez, Representative Dawnna Dukes, Representative Jessica Farrar, Community Outreach Rockstar Brittany Yelverton, Local Writer Jessica Luther, and Freelance Reporter/Senior Political Reporter at RH Reality Check Andrea Grimes. With a massive silent auction, the Lilith REAs also helped raise more money for the fund. With House Bill 2 about to go into its first stage of implementation, raising money for organizations like Lilith is more important than ever.


Both events made us even more excited for what’s to come in Texas and reminded us that our movement is building faster than it ever has. We can’t wait for what’s next. 

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