Whole Woman’s Health: The Aftermath of HB2.

The courts.

“Will we win?” “What if we don’t?” “Where will that leave us?”

Our physicians.

“What happens in 90 days?” “How long have they been providing care?”

Our company.

“What do we do?” “What’s our future?” “Will I lose my job?”

Since the passage of HB2, like hamsters on a political wheel, we have been fighting this battle daily, hourly, and by the minute to keep our clinics as open and accessible as possible in Texas. Knowing that this constant uphill battle could be all for nothing is exhausting, and it’s taking a definite toll on our leaders mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Our physicians have been providing safe abortion care for decades, and now that we have to comply with unnecessary physician requirements, they are left scared, saddened, dismayed, and anxious about their futures. In less than 90 days, it could all come to an end.

Looking at the landscape of where hospitals are and where potential ASCs are located is a daunting task. All hospitals have different requirements for physicians, and those requirements may not allow us to get privileges as a company that provides abortion care. The uncertainty of all of this on top of the impending legal fight in the courts has led to an unsettling and nerve-wracking professional atmosphere. 

Don’t let that misguide you: We won’t stop until every every square inch of pavement has been pounded. All of these stories are what people need to hear and in the coming days, we’re going to post about our fears as actual employees of an abortion clinic in Texas, our fears for our patients, for women in general, and for our overall job security. Check in with us daily for a peak into the battleground between clinics like us and the Texas government. 

We have 78 days to comply to these standards, and we want you to join us.


One thought on “Whole Woman’s Health: The Aftermath of HB2.

  1. How can people really be this stupid, if you don’t think there is a need come and spend Fri and. Sat in a ASC clinic with just time with the. Counselors, nurses, and doctors who have to turn to s thong coouple and say your child as a anomaly and well die. Shortly after birth, too be the. One come tell the parents I am sorry your child. Kid reallly Steve will died avfew minutes after birth

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