Whole Woman’s Health: A New Building in Fort Worth!

We have some great news! This weekend, a team of WWH-ers helped pack up and move our Fort Worth location. We have successfully moved from 1717 South Main and set up shop on 3256 Lackland Road.

Our new building comes with a private parking lot, which means protestors will no longer be allowed to step foot past the public sidewalk. This will be such an excellent change for both our patients and staff, as they dealt with a lot of aggression in close proximity at the old location. 

We’ll now be changing the world, one woman at a time from 3256 Lackland Road in Fort Worth, TX. As always, walk-in pregnancy testing, options counseling and ultrasounds for those in need are available from 8-5pm, Monday through Saturday.

We look forward to serving women in the Fort Worth area in our new building which has been fully renovated to meet Whole Woman’s Health’s high standards, and our warm and welcome personality!

– Whole Woman’s Health

5 thoughts on “Whole Woman’s Health: A New Building in Fort Worth!

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