One thought on “Yet Another Piece of Equipment the State of TX is Making Us Buy

  1. This is funny – but also pointing up the nature of this bill!
    Government in our uterus, our ears, our eyes… telling us, without knowing us, what we need to read, to hear, to see and what time we need in order to make a decision because we are too lame to know what pregnancy is? Because they think women don’t think about this before coming to the clinic?? So wrong!

    I’ll tell you one thing – those folks in front of the clinic work to solicit business for their own beliefs and you don’t see any abortion care folks outside those Crisis Pg Centers yelling at women to go have an abortion! That seems dumb, right?

    So does all this – these insulting attempts at humiliation and shame chip away at our rights and our dignity, bill by bill, law by law, hurdle by hurdle.

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