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Female Fitness trend 2021

Fitness, health, and wellness have become the top priority of almost everyone, given the situation created by the pandemic. With incessant lockdowns and restrictions on movements, there is a growing awareness about people needing to stay fit and healthy. As the pandemic is not nearing its end anytime soon, our way of exercise has also changed in a paramount manner.

Here are some of the best female fitness trends that have been dominating 2021.

Home gyms and workout


While working out at home is not ideal for everyone, the pandemic has pushed us to restrict our workout at home. It is also not a new trend to work out at home. However, the pandemic leaves us with lesser choices other than home. Working out at home will dominate the fitness industry until the pandemic comes to an end.

Purchasing home equipment for a workout at home will be a familiar scene.  It will be a typical scene to see people going out for a run or brisk walking to stay fit. Having this little outdoor workout will keep your mental health in check.

Digital fitness


Digital invading almost every aspect of our lives, fitness has gone digital. Digital fitness is the newest trend of the pandemic, and it is expected to be a trend that will stay on. Virtual fitness will be the mode of training for gym club members who are stuck at home. Trainers and coaches have started to train online to find new ways of engaging in fitness and wellness. Users are given access to pre-recorded or recorded live session workout videos.

Live online personal one-to-one coaching is a growing trend. There is also plenty of workout routine put on YouTube by professional trainers that can keep you exercising.  It is expected that the virtual training industry will grow into a $30 billion business by 2026.

Pilates and Yoga


Yoga and Pilates are sought-after exercises of the pandemic. Indoor exercises like these have become quite a popular trend. Activities like yoga keep your mind and body in conscious connection. In particular, mediation has become essential due to growing mental health issues as a product of the pandemic.

The trend for eye yoga is also on the rise. Being stuck at home hooked on phones, laptops, and tv screens has put so much pressure on the eyes. Giving the eyes a much needed rest and exercise, eye yoga is the new trend.

Pilates has also become a major trend, just like yoga, as it strives in stroking the balance of our mind and body. Listening to our body’s needs and doing mindful exercises like Yoga and Pilates have become household regular.

Exercising alone


Going to gyms and workout places is flooded by people. Solo HIIT workouts have replaced this trend. Indeed the gym ambiance, motivation, and the personal coaching we sought have come to change. No longer can we do exercises together in public spaces. There will be a huge rise in fitness regimens been carried out alone: biking alone, running alone, or even walking alone.

Fitness tech wearables


The use of fitness wearable has become a popular trend. Huge amount of people are getting hooked to fitness tracking apps and gadgets. The use of these devices is expected to be 900 million people by 2022. Fitness wearables keep us updated on our health, sleep, heart rate and other aspects. It gives a proper direction and a check on our daily stats. Its efficiency is the key to it being a popular trend.

With the pandemic still around and technology reaching new heights, one can only expect that the digital fitness industry is here to stay. A personalized workout set up at home will become a massive part of the fitness sector.


10 Healthy Tips for Beginner Runners


Running can be one of the most heart breaking, challenging, yet rewarding cardio exercises that you can undertake for women and men. Despite that, it can also be dangerous for those unaware as to how to run properly.


I’m not just talking about form, either. Having the right equipment and following the right procedures is going to help you avoid some harsh injuries down the line.


With that being said, here are 10 tips that every beginner runner should be following from Personal trainer team Right Path Fitness East London


10 – Keep Hydrated


This should go without saying, but keep yourself hydrated throughout your run. Bring a water bottle with you, and if you run out early, consider cutting your workout short. Running is going to get you sweating something fierce, so the last thing you need is to have no water to keep that frame of yours working.


9 – Wear Proper Footwear


If you want to start running, then you need to get yourself some running sneakers. Your old Nike’s or Air Jordan’s aren’t going to cut it. Eventually, you’re going to trip over some uneven ground and sprain your ankle, so save yourself the trouble and get proper running shoes.


8 – Start Off Small


Don’t think you need to sprint for 10 miles, everyday, right off the bat. Start your routine off small and work your way up to those intense sessions.


7 – Consider Your Stop-Start Locations


A great beginner strategy is to use the stop-start method. With this, you run for a set amount of time, then walk, then run, then walk, and so on. It’s a great way to build your running endurance.


6 – Keep Motivated


One of the biggest challenges when beginning a new workout routine is motivation. Make sure you’re keeping your goal in mind and try to make running a habit.


5 – Know Your Routes


A lot of beginner runners start off at night. If you fall into this category, make sure you have your route planned out ahead of time to avoid getting lost or wandering into an unsafe area.


4 – Make Sure Your Phone is Charged


Considering that last tip, make sure that your phone is charged in case of emergencies. If you slip and break your ankle in the middle of the night, you’re going to need to be able to get help.


3 – Make a Playlist


Another thing having a charged phone is great for is music. Put a Spotify playlist together of music that is going to keep you upbeat on your run. Look for fast tempo songs or fight music, if that’s your thing.


2 – Find a Partner 


Sticking with a workout routine is much easier when you have somebody else keeping you accountable. If you can, try and convince a friend of yours to go running with you. Not only is it safer, but it’s a lot more fun, too.


1 – Just Do It


It’s the Nike tagline for a reason. The single best tip that I can give for new runners is to just get out there and do it. The hardest part of any exercise is getting up and out there, so push yourself through that hurdle, and the rest is going to come naturally.


Arm-Toning Exercises

 Health Benefits Of Wearing A Hair Tie

When you have long hair, there are a few different ways of tying it up. With all of the different options which you have available, it can sometimes become quite difficult to pick on a method of tying back your hair. To try and help you make a more informed decision, we’re going to be looking at five health benefits which come from using a hair tie, instead of using any other method.

Relatively Safe Material

One advantage of using a hair tie is that they’re comprised of a relatively safe material for people. Often just a plain and washable material, they can be used for people who might have sensitive skin, or an adverse reaction to certain kinds of stimuli. This can really be detrimental to someone with long hair, so it’s a plus when they’re exposed to a material which is quite bland.

Lightweight Design

Another health benefit of hair ties is the fact the material is actually quite lightweight. Unlike some other ways that you can put your hair back, the hair tie is remarkably lightweight. This means it doesn’t pull on the head, and you aren’t going to get an ache from it.

Reduced Risk Of Infection

With the hair tied back and protected in the way that it is, you’re less likely to experience damage from infections and illness. The hair can be an entry point for these kinds of problems, so it’s well worth considering. 

Decreased Risk Of Injury

Think about it like this. When you’re going about your daily business, injury can be fairly common. It’s easy to catch your hair on something, tangle it and have it pull, or even be set on fire when working with it. These are all obviously serious risks, so you have to take precautions to protect yourself. 

Removes Vision Risk

When you have long hair, sometimes it can get into your face and eyes. This obviously means that you’re not going to be able to see. Therefore, you’re at more of a risk of falling and hurting yourself. Plus, constant pressures on the eyes can damage them as well, so you need to make sure that you’re protecting your vision. That’s why a hair tie is definitely a good idea.

Overall, these are just a few of the different reasons why you should have a hair tie for your life. Long hair is an absolute pain a lot of the time. That’s why you should do your best to try and keep it back and out of the way of any issues. You can accomplish this in many ways. However, the hair tie is often recognised as being the best possible tool to accomplish this goal. It makes the hair stay back and stay out of the face, which in turn will protect it from a wide selection of various other problems. You should definitely consider a hair tie, as it is the most inexpensive and most practical way to keep your hair tied and away from da

Bicep Curl

Our Best Health And Fitness Beauty Products

Exercise can be a major component in our lives. However, it’s then about making sure that we look halfway decent doing it. In order to accomplish this, a lot of people look for beauty products which have been designed to work in conjunction with our drive to stay in shape. To try and help with this, we’re going to be taking a look at five different products which could be used to help you look your best while still being able to exercise.

Waterproof Mascara

Think about it like this. When you’re exercising properly, and pushing the limits of what you can do, you’re going to sweat. And if you do happen to sweat on your forehead for example, it’ll run down and potentially into your mascara. That’s not what you want, as the liquid will just bleed away the mascara and make it look like you’re doing some really unnatural crying. That’s why waterproof mascara is such a good idea, because it allows you to prevent that from happening.

Freshening Female Pocket Wipes

Sometimes, you just need some wipes to clean up your makeup while exercising. That’s where these come in. They’ll be an excellent addition to any gym bag, and allow you to properly keep an eye on your makeup and do something about it if it gets too heavily damaged by your exercise.

Workout Hydration Stick

It’s important to keep your skin hydrated and looking its best, especially when you’re going to be dealing with other people and a lot of physical activity all at the same time. That’s why it’s important for people to consider a hydration stick designed to be used with workouts, because they’ll help you to stay at your best. 

Sport Lip Balm

When you’re exercising and pushing yourself, you still want to feel like you’re beautiful. And with a lip balm designed to work with sports that restores your lips, you’re in luck. 

Cool Down and Recovery Gel

This kind of product is best for when you’re trying to keep the skin at its best when you’re finishing up for the day. It’s easy to find yourself neglecting your body when you’re tired, so this gel is easy to apply and very effective and restoring the balance of oils and liquid in your skin.

Overall these are just a few of the different kinds of options which you have to consider when it comes to getting the best fitness products for your beauty needs. Everyone wants to feel beautiful when they do things, so why not also make the time to apply this logic to your exercise? After all, it’s no different from any other part of your day, so it deserves as much attention and consideration as the rest of what you do. These products will all help you to do your best, and can all be used to make you feel better when you’re working out, and help you to feel beautiful from start to finish. 

Women’s vitamins

5 Reasons Having a Good Posture is Important for Your Health


Posture is one of those words, that when someone mentions it, we draw ourselves up strong and tall and nod in agreement. However, for most of us posture is actually the last thing on our mind as we go about our daily lives. A common misconception is that posture refers to standing correctly, which of course it does, but not exclusively. It is also important that we sit and even lay down with good posture. The effects of poor posture are widespread and possibly more than you realise as our muscles are forced into unnatural positions, putting a strain on organs, internal structures and even our bones. Posture issues are made worse by extended slouching at desks and the relative lack of support given by sofa sofas and saggy mattresses. So just why is good posture important for your health?

You Will Breathe Better

Lung capacity is at an all-time low. Our lungs are capable of so much more than we give them credit for and generally our breathing is shallow which leads to a decrease in the amount of oxygen in the system meaning deep breaths become really hard. If you would like to improve your lung function by as much as 30% practice good posture.

Your Digestive and Circulatory Systems Work Better

So many vital body functions are negatively impacted by poor posture. Have you ever got the pins and needles feeling just from being slumped on the sofa? Well, you are making your circulatory system work harder and in some cases blocking the flow by squashing your body. If you suffer from constipation, indigestion and acid reflux, you might also want to consider how you sit to eat and relax to rest as poor posture can be a real cause here too

Your Back Might Stop Hurting

Backaches are big business, they are one of the highest ranking symptoms that people visit their doctor about, and they cost workplaces thousands in sick pay. Bad backs keep osteopaths, chiropractors and massage therapists in business but they really can be avoidable for some people. While there can obviously be a medical reason behind a bad back, poor posture is the cause of an alarming number of cases, so try practising better posture and see if your back pain improves. 

Your Muscle Health Improves

Poor posture plays havoc with muscle health, it places them under a massive amount of strain, and they suffer from a lack of proper engagement. Core muscles need to be held correctly to support the lower back and stomach, and yet more often than not they are left crumpled and fatigued from bad posture. 

You Will Look Better

When you demonstrate poor posture, you look older. Your shoulders round, you seem shorter, and your lower back can either over arch or sink forward to create lordosis. All of these make you look depressed, tired and well, not so good. As soon as you stand tall, hold your muscles well and keep yourself correctly aligned the years and the pounds just fall off. 


What You Need to Know About Women’s Health

Women’s health has several factors than one should be aware of to prevent many diseases and health problems for prolonged life. It can get difficult to keep track of all the signs of degrading health while one is busy with their daily schedule. The things mentioned below will help a woman take better care of themselves for longer and healthier life.

An exercise routine is necessary

Heart problems is becoming common among women, and one out of four deaths in women occur from heart diseases. It is important to build an exercise routine to keep the body strong and prevent any diseases. Try aiming for 30 minutes of movement and exercise for four days per week. Include walking, jogging, swimming, and dancing in your routine to have better cardio health.

Exercise routine

Use a balanced diet

Everybody needs a healthy lifestyle where they maintain their body weight by eating the right food. Creating a dieting plan is important for a woman’s overall health. Good food can provide the right vitamins, proteins, and other nutrients that are essential for the body. Starting a healthy diet and avoiding unhealthy foods will reduce the sugar, salt, calories, and unhealthy fats and provide only the good stuff.

Women’s vitamins

Women also need daily vitamins to keep their bodies healthy. One can take multivitamin capsules daily to keep a vitamin-rich body or choose healthy foods that can meet your requirements for vitamin, mineral, and fibre. When you start eating at home, you will not have to spend extra for the pharmaceutics.

Women’s vitamins

Healthy ageing

Ageing is a natural process, but it is not something that we should not be prepared for. The common aches and body pains become a problem for women. That is why they need a healthy living to implement healthy ageing. Healthy ageing also emphasizes the things that you should not do, such as smoking or alcohol consumption. Wearing protective clothing and the right cosmetics will prevent sunburns and other infections to the body.

Sexual health

Sexual health of women is a complex subject that one needs to learn about as women go through different phases of sexual health throughout their life. Their sexual health falls under three main categories that are – protection against STDs, finding a birth control or family planning method, having regular STI screening, pelvic exams, and pap smears.


Pregnancy and parenting

Women need to plan pregnancy in advance before they are ready to start the process. The health of your baby also depends on your health, and with significant steps, you can have a healthy baby. Avoid any activity that can affect the baby like smoking. Similarly, adapting to a healthier diet will provide the right nutrition to the baby. Becoming a parent will also bring more stress and responsibilities, but it will also be equally rewarding. You must make sure that you are prepared to be a parent before you plan a baby.

Arm-Toning Exercises

The Best Arm-Toning Exercises For Women

Toning your arms and legs like celebrities can be difficult and will require you a gym full of equipment. This is not the case at all for most people who are willing to tone their arms. If you are looking to sculpt your limbs, there are a few ways you can do so. Here a few exercises which will allow you to engage in the right toning exercises.

Bicep Curl

The bicep curl is where you stand up on your feet holding a pair of dumbbells at the side. Stand straight and face forward and slowly move your upper arm, bend your elbows and curl weights towards the shoulders. The slower your body moves, the better to help ensure that you have the right starting position with the right controls.

Bicep Curl

Crusty Lunge With Bicep Curls

If you are wondering how to have better legs, start by moving your hips holding wide apart. Take a step back with right leg, crossing it behind where you left. This is one way which will allow you to face forward, especially when you are touching the ground. At the same time, try to bend your elbows and bring the weights down towards your shoulders. Step through the left heel and start by making one rep. Try to complete 8 to 12 reps one side and then repeat on the other side.

Upright Row

This is one exercise where you need to make sure that you have hip-width apart with the arms in the resting phase. Try to make sure that you have the arms in front of your body and dumbbell in each hand. Then lift the dumbbell to help raise the elbows until you reach the chest levels. Slowly lower them your back to your waist with the right controls and repeat for 8-12 reps.

Rear Delt Fly

Grab a pair of dumbbells and stand with feet hip-width apart and knees slightly bent. Hinge at the hips and let the arms straight down from the shoulder with your palms facing your body. Make sure that both the arms are set in W shape where you can squeeze the shoulder blades together and repeat.

Triceps Kickback

Start by grabbing a set of dumbbells and sitting two fists width apart with the knees bent. Lean forward slightly with the right dumbbell in each hand and at elbows at 90-degree angle. Try to make sure that you are pressing on the dumbbells and getting back up. Later straighten your arms and squeeze triceps to start allowing you to complete 8 to 12 reps.

Overhead Triceps Extension

This is another one where you can learn to grip one dumbbell in both the hands and lift the weights overhead. Arms need to be set straight and hip-width apart. Try to make sure that you are keeping your upper ears and hands at the top of the bar. Pause and then straighten arms and you can start to return and complete 8-12 reps together.

Low-Carb Snacks

The Best Low-Carb Snacks

Eating healthy requires you to manage your carbohydrates carefully as bad carbs can cause blood-sugar spikes and affect your moods and energy levels. Low energy levels can make your body crave for carbohydrates again and again unless you control your carb intake with healthy low carb snacks. Here is a list of low-carb snacks that you can add to your diet to take control of your energy levels with healthy resources.

Salad Sandwiches

Add more lettuce, chard, or collards to your sandwich to make it even healthier. Having a salad sandwich is one of the healthiest and most delicious ways to switch to a low-carb diet.

Salad Sandwiches

Goat cheese covered grapes

It may seem like an odd combination of food at first, but once you try it, you may start having it as a must for your breakfast. It is a fresh combination of healthy goat cheese wrapped out around grapes to provide a fresh cheesy sweet flavour.

Apples and cheese

Pack this great sweet and salty combination of sliced apples and cheese to reduce the carb count to less than 10 grams. Other than lowering carbs, it will add more protein, fat, and fibre to your meal, making it a satisfying snack.

Apples and cheese

Avocado on a crisp

Avocados have great properties to be in your diet one way or the other. Mash half or 1/4th of an avocado and spread it on the crisps for a creamy and crunchy snack. It will only add 10-20 grams of carbs to your diet along with plenty of fibre and heart-healthy fat.

Yoghurt and cucumbers

Try out this refreshing combination of low-fat Greek yoghurt with cucumber spears. Yoghurt can work very well as a creamy dip for cucumber will bring flavour to the crunch. It can add 10 grams of carbs up to 21 grams along with appetite-satisfying protein.

Yoghurt and cucumbers

Turkey roll-ups

You can relish your hunger with a satisfying turkey roll. Add a slice of turkey with lettuce and mustard to make a bread-free crisp snack. It will only add 3.7 grams of carbs and will still suffice the meal for a healthy lunch.

Celery and peanut butter

Take two medium celery stalks and apply two tablespoons of peanut butter on the top. It is a great recipe that is often loved by kids, but you can enjoy this without a problem. It will add only 10 grams of carbs to your diet.

Celery and peanut butter

Special beef jerky

Look out for the jerkies made from grass-fed beef rather than buying over-processed jerkies. The grass-fed beef jerky will not only provide a better and juicier flavour but will also reduce your carbs to only 5 grams.

Hard-boiled egg

Eggs are the best powerhouse snack available today that is easily affordable. Cut the hard-boiled eggs in half as sprinkle some salt or a hot sauce to give it a mild flavour. While being rich in protein, an egg will only add 1 gram of carb to your diet.